Die Beendigung der energetischen Nutzung von Kohle in Deutschland

Phasing out Coal in the German Energy Sector

Interdependencies, Challenges and Potential Solutions

In January 2019, Germany made a big step towards phasing out coal-firing: A stakeholder commission established by the Federal government agreed on a schedule for plant retirement and on measures to support coal regions. For experts and journalists seeking to understand the context of the phase-out decision, scientists from the German Institute for Economic Research, the Ecologic Institute, and the Wuppertal Institute have developed a comprehensive reader detailing what's at stake. The publication explains why the phase-out is needed and how it can become a success. It also provides facts and figures on the German coal industry, including a list of all large coal plants and their technical characteristics.The "Coal Reader" (Kohlereader) is available for download in English and German.

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